An ideal invention for late risers- when it's too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, we offer you Brunch on every 2nd sunday per month!

Start the day appreciative with a brunch.

ONLY variation examples!

Wheter “sweet” or “savoury”, whatever your heart desires, we can cater for all tastes! If fresh bread rolls, croissants or bread, if scrambled eggs with ham, warm mini barbecue sausages or "natural" scrambled eggs - you'll get it! Would you like some cereal? Some butter, jam, honey or Nutella? You see, our offer leaves nothing to be desired!

Further some small snacks from our starter buffet:
variations of ham, salami and cheese, tomato-mozzarella, fresh fruits & vegetablesa and dressings

About 12 AM warm delicacies follow:
tomato-, potatoe- oder cold cucumber-soup (seasonal), filled pork roast, roast venison, corned beef tongue, mini schnitzel or goulash, potato dumplings, potato croquettes, rice oder potatoes, wild salmon filet with lemon sauce or shell ragout, braised vegetables.

Additionally some light and vegetarian food:
vegetable-ratouille gratinated with feta cheese, quinoa patties (vegan) or potato casserole

And subsequently our fabulous, much awaited dessert buffet with a variation of homemade cake, several prepared yoghurt or fruit-grout with vanilla sauce or mousse au chocolat.

Accompanied by a refreshing, cool prosecco until 12 AM and also coffee, juice and table water until 2 PM.

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Commonly a brunch takes place from late morning from 10.30 AM until early afternoon 2.30 PM. Thats enough time for late BREAKFAST, extended LUNCH and early AFTERNOON COFFEE.

for adults 21,00 €, for children under 12 years 14,00 € and for your youngest under 4 years 0,00 €

We also organize your very personal brunch on other days (starting from 20 people). Our sales department is pleased to give you advise and creates an individual offer, which is newly calculated by your choice.