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Year 1911 January 30th 1904 Festschrift to the
Saxonian Carpenter Day 1931
  • in november 1901, after reconstruction of the town hall, the premises were leased to Alfred Schäfer
  • from october 1907 Otto Schwartze took on business
  • after he died, his wife Elise and son Erich continued the business until april 1945
  • in april 1945 the business was closed, as the premises were used as guard rooms by german soldiers. Access in civil clothes was strictly forbidden.
  • inm may 1945 the lease of the Schwartze family expired, when the russians used the town hall as their commandant's office
  • after the russian commandants left the town hall in late february 1947, only a fraction of the guest room furniture was extant
  • in the meeting room, which was used as gym by the russians, the whole furniture was missing
  • in march 1947 the town council announced the request for a new renter
  • the new renter was innkeeper Oswald Ludwig (May 1st 1947 - June 30th 1952 as per contract) from Dresden (there were 10 applicants in total)
  • due to a bad business situation in those years, the lease was already cancelled in 1950
  • for the next years, there was no business operation
  • the premises were used for politically minted exhibitions by the National Front (GDR) and other mass events
  • in june 1952 negotiations between the city government and the newly founded HO Restaurants (Döbeln) about the overtake and cultivation of the restaurant were opened
  • in december 1953 both parties signed the contract, the use began on january 1st 1954
  • in the early 60s the economic areas of the restaurant were also used as work canteen for the employees of the city government
  • at the behest of HO Restaurants, the work canteen was closed
  • up to the German reunification in 1990 the business was run by HO Restaurants, then the premises were leased to private persons again

Source: EA 238 original paper city archive